Our vision, mission, aims:

Hello! Welcome to Women on the Spectrum and our first blog post.

We are starting Women on the Spectrum to share our stories and experiences as women on the autism spectrum. There is not a lot of knowledge and research about women on the spectrum, and autism appears in many different forms and can look very different from one person to another. From our experience, hearing that someone else too has gone through the same uniquely complex situation, as a result of being on the spectrum, can be incredibly powerful and life-changing – usually described as the pieces of the puzzle finally being put together.

Our vision, mission, aims:

  • Help other women on the spectrum, understand that others are dealing with the same uniquely complex experiences, through sharing our personal stories.
  • Help people with long term complex mental health struggles to get an accurate diagnosis. Whether that be an autism and/or neurodiversity diagnosis, or another mental health diagnosis.
  • Allow those on the spectrum to better understand themselves, and educate their family, friends, and co-workers to create more fulfilling relationships.
  • Eradicate the phrase: “You don’t look autistic…”, through representing many different types and forms of autistic women on this platform, and understand that autism is how you feel on the inside.
  • Bring out the wonderful hidden qualities of those on the spectrum, through creating connections with the outside world in a reformed way.

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