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Should we self-diagnose Autism & Neurodivergence?

Autism and other Neurodiversities are not mental disorders. They are different neurotypes. It, therefore, cannot be self-destructive to discover and identify as autistic or neurodivergent. Since many of us have lived years of our lives assumed to be “neurotypical”. I do not believe that you need an official diagnosis to identify as autistic or neurodivergent, […]

My Autism diagnosis empowered me to be myself

My Childhood  My earliest memory is one of me at the age of 4 trying to suffocate myself under my duvet cover. I must have just had another autistic meltdown and left alone uncomforted. I did not want to be in this world since the very beginning, but I never quite understood why. I grew […]

My Optimal Daily Routine & Executive Functioning

This is not a blog post about formulating the perfect routine for success, or showing you “a day in the life of…”. This is a blog post about creating a daily routine that is personalised, meaningful and attainable. Going back one year ago, I had absolutely no good habits what so ever. Seriously, zero daily […]


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