About Me


I was diagnosed with Autism, ADHD and OCD at the beginning of 2019 (age 27). Now a Neurodiversity self-advocate, I support the neurodiversity paradigm. I do not view autism as an illness or disorder, but a naturally occurring neurological variant that has always been part of the human genome.

Based in London (UK), I am also a web developer and commercial model. I have a BSc in Management with International Business from Royal Holloway University London. After graduating, I worked for a luxury e-commerce company. I later got the courage to learn to code, and am now developing a food waste app.

The challenges faced by those on the autistic spectrum are complex and very misunderstood. The power behind finding out others have gone through the same unique and complex experiences can be weight lifting and life-changing. 

Through creating awareness my aim is to:

  • Help others discover their neurodivergence and understand themselves better.
  • Develop social acceptance and understanding through education.
  • Consult organisations on how autistic and neurodivergent people can thrive in the workplace, and increase company performance.

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